Marvin Morris



Rank: Black





Tulsa Simpson

Height: 5′ 09″

Weight: 181 lbs

Rank: Brown

School: GroundStone BJJ

Affiliation: Fredson Paixao


Growing up with an infatuation of Martial Arts movies, Tulsa began training Martial Arts t the age of 11. After suffering from migraines on a regular basis, his grandmother though enrolling him into Tai Kwon Do would help him to live a healthier lifestyle. Starting in a very strict and traditional academy, he studies for almost a year until the untimely death of this father. Martial Arts was put on hold for many years. The urge to be a martial artist like his icon, the legendary Bruce Lee, grew stronger as Tulsa got older.

At the age of 19, Tulsa joined the Marine Corps and learned the programs of self-defense system in basic training, and from that moment on he began training in various arts throughout his journey in the Corps. While stationed in California, he began boxing under a Golden Glove Champion and continued for the next few years until the introduction of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). In 2003, Tulsa attended the Martial Arts Instructor Course and began learning some of the best techniques available, through various training partners and instructors.

The infatuation grew even more when Tulsa began working at a fitness facility and met a World Champion Muay Thai kickboxer, a 3rd Dan Ninjitsu expert, and a Tai Chi instructor. Learning from all of these various arts, Tulsa began creating his own fighting style. Upon re-entry into the Marine Corps, he began teaching the Corps’ Martial Arts program but with a different mindset.

He wanted to soak up any knowledge he could find about any style available. Upon his transfer to Okinawa in 2011, he began studying traditional Okinawan Karate under a very private school, and being the only American it was a steep learning curve. During an operation in the Philippines, Tulsa was able to learn and trade techniques with members of the Philipine Marines, learning Kali and Arnise, stick and knife fighting.

Upon his return to Okinawa, Tulsa was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and begun studying under Professor Ivan Sakamoto. BJJ has since become his passion, training and competing in Okinawa for over two years, he was promoted to Blue belt in December 2013 under Professor Sakamoto.

Upon his return to the states, he began grappling with various members of other academies. After several requests, and a seemingly high demand in his local area, he began GroundStone BJJ; a grappling club where he taught beginners and re-instilled the basics with experienced grapplers.

In December of 2015, Tulsa had the honor of hosting the BJJ legend and former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Professor Fredson Paixao for a seminar. Despite having a fractured knee, he was able to demonstrate his proficiency both on the mat and through his students. In December 2015, Tulsa was promoted to the rank of Purple belt from Professor Fredson Paixao and given the honor of instructor status from both Professors Fredson and Ivan.

Tulsa is a proud member and affiliate of the Fredson Paixao Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association and has currently opened his own academy in Sneed’s Ferry, NC under the club’s name, GroundStone BJJ.

Christopher Hinojosa

Nationality: United States of America

BJJ Rank: Brown



Current School: Austin Submission Fighting

Current Affiliation:

Fight Record:

Texas Submission Hunter (x2) Draw

Texas Grappling Challenge- Austin, Gold (Gi Masters)

Fight 2 Win (x2) w/ Fight of the Night honors